Join us on April 14 to learn from the visionaries behind Instana and Turbonomic as they discuss how the integration between Enterprise Observability and Application Resource Management (ARM) not only resolves issues quickly to reduce MTTR but can ultimately prevent many issues from occurring in the first place.
Join Mirko Novakovic, co-founder and CEO of Instana, and Patrick Kirchhoff, co-founder and CEO of Replex, as they discuss how enterprises can improve cost and performance visibility, optimize performance and regain financial control over their cloud environments.
DevOps is all about automation, build better software faster. Kubernetes automates the management of your containers. This session will provide an introduction to GitOps and how to use it to go fully automatic.
Observability in todays’ DevOps world builds on top of three pillars: logs, metrics and distributed tracing. Decisiv uses Instana and Humio to detect and troubleshoot issues in their production system in a matter of minutes. In this fire-side chat, Hunter Madison, Senior SRE at Decisiv, Michele Mancioppi, Product Manager at Instana and James Mountifield, Solution Architect Lead at Humio, will ha
As production environments become more distributed and ephemeral, it becomes increasingly difficult for DevOps and SecOps teams to understand their systems' availability and performanceJoin Mirko Novakovic, Co-founder and CEO of Instana, Geeta Schmidt, CEO of Humio and Steve Newson, CTO of Starling Bank as they discuss how live streaming log data paired with real-time metrics and traces allow for
Instana is the premier observability tool for cloud-native applications and has best-in-class AWS Lambda support. Learn how Instana detects issues creeping into your Lambdas with new deployments happening in real-time with virtually no setup.
Migration to the cloud continues to be challenging because of changing infrastructure, breaking down monoliths, and adoption of orchestration and serverless technologies. Join Florian Baumert, Customer Engineer at Google and Evgeni Wachnowezki, Product Manager at Instana and learn how an abstract model of your workloads can help to navigate your re-architecting efforts in a continuously changing

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