As production environments become more distributed and ephemeral, it becomes increasingly difficult for DevOps and SecOps teams to understand their systems' availability and performanceJoin Mirko Novakovic, Co-founder and CEO of Instana, Geeta Schmidt, CEO of Humio and Steve Newson, CTO of Starling Bank as they discuss how live streaming log data paired with real-time metrics and traces allow for
Join us for a double dose of insight about Site Reliability Engineering topics. First up in this hour-long, free webinar is Pavlo Baron, CTO and co-founder of Instana, who will talk about observability and the role it plays in creating and maintaining high-performance systems. In the other half of this webinar co-sponsored by Instana and Container Solutions, Cameron Wood, head of CS’ Customer Re
Learn how Altissia leverages Git to manage their CI/CD, infrastructure deployment, application deployment, release management and APM configuration management. And why they automate as much as possible along the way
More often than you would expect, individual teams and whole organisations spend months and even years to implement SLOs to end up with colourful dashboards which are then quickly abandoned. Does this sound familiar? In this talk Curtis will discuss: A typical journey organizations take implementing SLO methodology Common pitfalls they run into along the way How you can ensure your SLO journ
Developing complex systems is easier than ever before but also more complicated: you need to understand how your cloud microservices services are performing in production in order to build confidence they must withstand turbulent and unexpected conditions. And sometimes they fail. You need a good command of both chaos engineering, performance engineering and fine-grain understanding of your CI/CD
Distributed tracing is surfacing in the global consciousness of DevOps and Observability as critical signals, on par with metrics and logging. However, while the technology and operations of metrics and logging solutions are well established and understood, distributed tracing is still an early discipline and ripe for learning.
Join Mirko Novakovic, Co-founder and CEO of Instana and Hannes Lenke, CEO of Checkly as they discuss the Reliability (R)evolution. Hear how freeing DevOps teams from complexity, empowers them to scale and accelerate with end-to-end testing and monitoring.

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