The Bumpy Road to Actionable SLOs

Service Level Objectives (SLO) have become steadily more relevant to many organizations adopting SRE best practices pioneered by Google. The promise of SLO methodology is appealing: provide a common ground for product teams and whole organizations to inform reliability, development, and even business decisions. Although SLOs have been around for a long time, there is plenty of confusion and potential pitfalls on the journey to adopt it. A lot of attention and discussion is spent on technical implementation and tooling for SLI, SLO and error budget, however the major struggle and risk lie in a different dimension. More often than you would expect, individual teams and whole organisations spend months and even years to implement SLOs to end up with colourful dashboards which are then quickly abandoned. Does this sound familiar? In this talk Curtis and Yury will discuss: 

  • A typical journey organizations take implementing SLO methodology 
  • Common pitfalls they run into along the way 
  • How you can ensure your SLO journey takes you to the next maturity level

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