Augmenting IBM’s WebSphere with Instana

Learn how WebSphere allows you to create and manage sophisticated enterprise level application systems. In this Webinar we will discuss where to go next and how you can improve your monitoring of existing WebSphere systems with Instana. You will also learn how to leverage Instana as a powerful analytical tool to help you troubleshoot and identify problems in your environments. See for yourself how Instana gives insight into your applications and infrastructure running with WebSphere.

  • See what’s new with IBM WebSphere and how to incorporate it into your existing systems
  • Learn how Instana can help augment the tools WebSphere is providing
  • Get an in-person demonstration of how Instana equips you with all the tools needed for success

Hosts of this Webinar

Justin LeJeune, of Instana

Solutions Engineer

Andy Harmon, of IBM

Global Markets - Cloud & Cognitive Solutions Sales