Yes Virginia, Automatic Monitoring DOES Exist


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It may sound like a cliché, but we live in a fast-changing world, especially in IT and DevOps. In fact, today’s application environments takes the rate of change to extremes, driven by organizations optimizing their CI/CD processes.

In fact, the need for speed has made manual monitoring a liability within the CI/CD process. From configuration and setup to manual coding and dependency mapping, not automating monitoring puts the entire process at risk. Just how bad is manual monitoring for your operations? In a word: “TERRIBLE!” Only by adopting automated performance management can organizations fully realize the opportunity presented by CI/CD.

Learn why manual monitoring is terrible, what that can do to your application service, and how you can fix the issues by adopting an automated monitoring solution. We’ll cover these topics and other questions in this on-demand webinar – Yes Virgina, Automatic Monitoring DOES exist.