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Visualizing and Understanding Performance in Kubernetes at Scale

Reliability, repeatability, and speed are the underlying principles that must be mastered to successfully achieve DevOps transformation. Agile development feeding a CI/CD pipeline is only the initial step. Without accurate monitoring providing stabilizing feedback, speed can quickly turn into chaos. The only way to keep monitoring in synchronization with rapid deployments is automation.

In this webinar, Red Hat and Instana are teaming up to discuss:

  • Strategies for deploying microservices using OpenShift,
  • Immediately visualizing change impact of newly deployed code,
  • Automating observability to find and fix issues using Instana.


Technical Marketing – Instana
Steve is a Technical Marketing Manager at Instana, bringing plenty of experience to this role having worked in technical roles in the APM space since 2004 for companies including Wily Technology and AppDynamics. In that time has seen numerous technical revolutions and market disruptions giving him a unique insight into the rapidly changing DevOps environment. He has a background in electronics and programming before moving to software solutions.