Improve Cloud Ops with Automation & Observability

Today’s cloud infrastructure and application services monitoring often requires numerous manual steps.  This makes it difficult to scale and adjust cloud workloads dynamically, especially during peak demand periods.

Mirko Novakovic, Co-founder and CEO of Instana and Pradeep Padala, Founder & CEO of Fylamynt discuss how innovations in observability and workflow automation are enhancing cloud deployments at scale. Together, these innovations enable end-to-end cloud workflows to be built, observed, and adjusted with little or no code.

In this fireside chat, you’ll learn:

  • Why observability is critical for sustainable cloud deployments
  • How AIOps extends observability to support automation
  • How automation simplifies microservice-based application deployments
  • Why automation and observability are critical for containing DevOps and ITOps costs
  • How No-Code automation is helping in connecting your code and SaaS services

Hosts of this Webinar

Mirko Novakovic

Mirko Novakovic

Co-founder and the CEO of Instana

Patrick Kirchhoff

Pradeep Padala

Founder & CEO of Fylamynt

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