Container-Driven Cloud-Journey Towards an On-Prem Product

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As SaaS delivery has become the norm, many users still require on-prem deployment options. Reasons vary, but usually center around data ownership, control or regulations. Interestingly, delivering on-prem versions of SaaS solutions is harder than traditional software delivery.

As we grew to over 100 on-prem customers, we were feeling pain across organizations: engineering, operations and support. We knew something had to change to meet three goals:

  • Keep on-prem and SaaS-deployed versions in sync
  • Simplify Unit, Functional and System testing
  • Continue supporting any possible infrastructure combination out-of-the-box

Why Watch This Presentation?

Learn from our journey to optimize our on-prem development and delivery from Instana’s Product Management and Software Engineering experts

  • Examine the challenges facing on-prem delivery and support in modern applications
  • See how containerizing Instana’s back-end system increased efficiency and
  • Learn best practices in delivering containerized applications for on-prem software

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Evgeni Wachnowezki , Product Manager 

Jochen Mader , Senior Software Engineer