Taming the Cost & Complexity of Cloud Native Environments

Cloud native solutions help modern enterprises accelerate innovation, reduce time to drive new business initiatives to market, scale quicker, avoid vendor lock-in and unlock the value of multi-cloud.

But, with these benefits come drawbacks as well. Kubernetes-based cloud environments are harder to govern, less transparent and can lead to higher costs and reduced application performance visibility. The increasing decentralization of IT departments, along with the pay-as-you-go billing model and self service provisioning of modern infrastructure, result in a loss of financial control and accountability.

Join Mirko Novakovic, co-founder and CEO of Instana, and Patrick Kirchhoff, co-founder and CEO of Replex, as they discuss how enterprises can improve cost and performance visibility, optimize performance and regain financial control over their cloud environments.

In this fireside chat, you’ll learn how cloud native environments and microservices applications can enable you to:

  • Improve cost and performance visibility
  • Control costs and regain financial control
  • Tame the complexity and improve quality from CI/CD pipeline to dynamic runtimes
  • Learn how to deal with the increasing decentralization of modern IT departments, and reduced control over infrastructure provisioning

Hosts of this Webinar

Mirko Novakovic

Co-founder and the CEO of Instana

Patrick Kirchhoff

Co-Founder & CEO of Replex

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