Digital Transformations during the Wake of Covid

For years, all organizations have been working on becoming more agile and going through a digital transformation journey. These journeys have only become more relevant and urgent in the wake of COVID. As these trends continue, Kubernetes has continued its rapid ascent from captivating DevOps teams at small companies to running the business critical applications of the world’s largest companies. With this transition came the reality that the complexity of  managing the underlying infrastructure and the performance of Cloud-Native environments has exploded. 

Listen to Priya Satheesh, CEO Instana, and Deepak Goel, CTO D2IQ, as they discussed:

  • The ever changing strategies required to keep up with the pace of change 
  • Managing the complexities of Cloud-Native architectures and the applications that run on them 
  • And the need to empower teams to focus on what they do best, innovate

Hosts of this Webinar

Priya Satheesh

Director, Integration Executive for Instana IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software

Deepak Goel

Chief Technology Officer

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