End-to-End Observability with Instana and Instabug

On Jan 10 2023 Instana and Instabug Joined Forces To Increase Efficiency with a Mobile-to-Server Overview of Network Flows.

Mobile app performance expectations are unforgiving for users, yet traditional tooling does not solve user-impacting mobile issues efficiently and at scale.

This is why Instana and Instabug decided to join forces, the partnership fills a current gap in the industry by creating end-to-end visibility and insights for users.

By combining Instabug’s mobile performance suite with Instana’s observability platform, teams have all the insights relevant to ensure an unmatched user experience. With Instabug designed for mobile teams, you’ll seamlessly identify critical issues – completely out of the box.

That’s what makes this partnership so unique; no complicated instrumentation, no additional breadcrumbing. Get the insights you need right out of the box.

During the webinar, Josh Lee and Dania Grave from IBM Instana and Sherif Zulghina from Instabug will showcase how customers can identify critical issues within their mobile applications in Instabug, and then see any client-side degradation that may be caused by backend calls in Instana.

By linking the two developer experiences, customers of both products have easy access to critical debugging information, enabling them to identify issues faster, determine the root cause quicker, and resolve problems before their users and businesses are impacted.

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Hosts of this Webinar

Josh Lee

Developer Advocate @Instana

Josh is obsessed with DevOps, observability, and cloud architecture. He’s currently a Developer Advocate at IBM Instana. He has over a decade of experience working on small teams to build SaaS and eCommerce solutions for organizations ranging from startups to multinational brands.

Dania Grave

Sr Product Manager at Instana

Dania is a Sr Product Manager at Instana, focusing on Real User Monitoring. She has a strong software engineer background and a passion for understanding problems and helping find the solution.

Sherif Zulghina

Senior Sales Engineer at Instabug,

Sherif Zulghina is a Senior Sales Engineer at Instabug, who helps mobile teams in delivering superior user experiences. With more than 5 years of experience in software pre-sales, Sherif works with each customer on identifying their specific pain points and proposes the best solutions to help mobile teams enhance their apps performance, quality and experience.

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