Expanding Into Observability

  • Application and Deployment Architectures keep constantly changing and Scalability often causes them to get more complicated (e.g. Microservices)
  • Enterprise Observability over “Classic” Observability
  • How can Enterprise Observability help us in day-to-day development and operations

Today’s modern application stack is constantly changing.  New technologies, from cloud-native to containers, microservices and Kubernetes orchestration, have emerged to help organizations drive digital transformation.  To effectively manage modern cloud-native applications, SRE’s and DevOps teams need real-time visibility into their IT environments.  This requires a new approach and set of requirements to effectively manage highly dynamic, massively distributed application environments.

Learn the six critical concepts of monitoring and management that are critical to any solution’s ability to provide continuous value to teams responsible for operating modern applications from this session.

Hosts of this Webinar

Chris Engelbert, of Instana

Instana Developer Advocate

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