Full-cycle Observability from the IDE to Instana

Understanding what’s really going on inside your live applications can be difficult. Furthermore, developers – who are not always used to operator-oriented tooling – often have a problem making sense of highly-distributed, dense logs and telemetry. 

To ease their path, Instana and Lightrun have joined forces to create a streamlined, developer-first observability process geared towards helping IDE natives to better create, consume and – most importantly – understand the way their applications behave in development, staging, QA, CI and production.

By joining us on this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Instrument new logs and metrics on the fly using Lightrun
  • Consume those logs and metrics inside Instana in real-time
  • Speed up your troubleshooting and code exploration process by mixing the two tools together

Hosts of this Webinar

Josh Lee of Instana

Developer Advocate

Josh Lee is a developer advocate with Instana @ IBM. He is a full-stack developer with a history working on SaaS, e-Commerce and content marketing projects.

Martin Fuentes of Instana

Senior Product Manager

Product Manager for Observability by Instana with a focus on Kubernetes and Logging.

Tom Granot of Lightrun

Director of Developer Relations

Tom is the Director of Developer Relations at Lightrun, where he works on re-shaping what production observability looks like. Tom was previously a site reliability engineer for a distributed systems startup, teaches technological prototyping for creatives at a local college's media lab, and is an avid explainer of all things tech.

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