GitOps: Declarative, Automated Production

The aspiration of DevOps teams to have highly-controlled, repeatable, reliable, and automated deployments brought along practices to bring configuration as code to their automated software delivery pipelines. GitOps brings this to the natural conclusion: everything that defines the production system is declaratively specified and automatically deployed. This is possible nowadays thanks to the widespread possibility of declarative infrastructure, from the networking and infrastructure all the way to the content of containers and functions. While GitOps brings many benefits to a DevOps organization, it is important to remember what it is and what it is not. In this talk, Michele Mancioppi, Sr. Product Manager at Instana, will be covering the many aspects of GitOps like:

  • What GitOps is
  • What GitOps isn’t
  • Why you should consider doing GitOps
  • What are the pitfalls

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