Observability for Database Optimization: How Mayden Leverages Instana and DBmarlin for Better Customer Outcomes

Mayden was already finding great success using Instana, an observability platform to monitor their health tech applications. Learn how Kedron helped Mayden take it a step further by adding DBmarlin for database optimization and fine tuning without requiring additional expert knowledge. 

Hosts of this Webinar

Edwin Onattu

Product Manager at Instana

Edwin is a Product Manager working on Infrastructure, Metrics and OpenTelemetry at Instana.

Mick McGuiness

Product Manager at DBmarlin

DBmarlin Product Manager and long-time performance engineer specializing in application and database performance since 1998. Mick has created and worked with many monitoring tools helping hundreds of customers to optimize their application performance.

Chris Eldridge

Director of Operations at Mayden

Chris Eldridge is Director of Operations at Mayden and is responsible for iaptus, the digital care record system for psychological therapy services. Mayden creates digital technology to support healthcare services in providing high quality, comprehensive and consistent care. Chris works closely with service providers, building a thorough understanding of their needs and ideas to inform the evolution of iaptus.

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