SRE: How Observability Tools Help Implement Reliability Engineering

In this webinar Roman Seibel, CRE at Google, and Yury Oleynik, Product Manager at Instana discuss how to make the first practical step of implementing SLIs for a specific user-journey along with what tools are needed. We will focus on Site Reliability Engineering principles and, more specifically, provide practical guidelines for implementing and defending Service Level Objectives using an observability platform like Instana. You will learn:

  • SRE principles
  • How to model Critical User Journeys
  • How to define Service Level Indicators
  • How to set Service Level Objectives
  • How to alert and investigate service level violations

And be sure to check out the first webinar in the series: [ webinar:] where we talked about a typical journey organizations take to implement SLOs and the pitfalls they face.

Hosts of this Webinar

Yury Oleynik

Yury Oleynik, of Instana

Product Manager

Roman Seibel

Roman Seibel

Customer Engineer, of Google

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