Hybrid Cloud Observability from Mobile to Mainframe with Instana

Business success depends on isolating application performance issues in mobile, cloud, or mainframe environments before things turn ugly. Yet most APM solutions provide zero visibility into the mainframe. Even the best DevOps teams sometimes can’t identify application performance problems until end users are impacted, and then manual root cause analysis delays resolving the issue.
Instana can help you avoid these challenges by providing observability into z/OS for a complete end-to-end view of transaction flows. In this webinar we will provide an overview of the technology and the scenarios that empowers operations teams like never before, including:
  • Simple instrumentation of application transaction tracing into business-critical z/OS-based resources
  • Identification of complete application performance from mobile to mainframe
  • Isolation of affected resources so the right Z subject matter expert can be engaged promptly with appropriate contextual information to resolve the issue

Hosts of this Webinar

Chris Walker

Senior Product Manager - Z AIOps

Aaron Young

zManage Emerging Technologies Systems

Aaron Tobin

Product Manager, IBM Observability by Instana Software

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