Leveraging Kanban With Distributed Teams

As in many young companies, development teams at Instana constantly released great products and feature advancements driven by inherent hero culture, but struggled with identifying bottlenecks. As the team grew, a more stable way of working was needed.

Distributed development teams responsible for different services and spread across multiple time zones do not necessarily have to work in the exact same way as on-site teams. Each team has different priorities and needs to work in a way that facilitates their current work mode. At Instana, we introduced Kanban and leveraged it to gain better visibility into the actual work being done and where bottlenecks occurred.

This talk provides attendees with insights into how engineering teams at Instana transitioned to a Kanban-based work model and how each team took responsibility for their own service quality. We’ll discuss challenges, advantages and even disadvantages of our current work model and share the lessons we learned. We hope this will help other organizations struggling with similar issues.

Hosts of this Webinar

Henning Treu, of Instana

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Daljeet Sandu

Product Manager

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