On Demand- Logging on Kubernetes environments

Inferring or understanding what’s going on in our distributed systems is a challenge that many engineers face every day. With massive amounts of telemetry data flowing into your observability tool, making sense of everything together might be painful if we don’t see the data in the right context.

Logs are a source of useful and verbose information. In this webinar we are going to learn how logging works on Kubernetes environments, the different approaches and the current state of logging in the Open Telemetry framework.

Additionally, we will take a look at how to best contextualize logs data together with Traces and Metrics for faster Root Cause Analysis and troubleshooting.

Hosts of this Webinar

Sven Hettwer

Software engineer - Instana

Software Engineer working at log management at Instana APM.

Martin Fuentes

Sr. Product Manager

Product manager for Observability by Instana with a focus on Kubernetes and Logging.

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