Monitoring Kubernetes and OpenShift with Instana

January 16th @ 1:00 PM ET

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Kubernetes and OpenShift are powerful additions to the DevOps toolbox, making it easy to build and deliver better applications (faster). But with all of the data coming from so many systems, it’s incredibly difficult to cut through the noise when trying to identify and isolate performance issues. In order to combat the chaos of distributed applications in containerized environments, developers and DevOps teams need an equally powerful monitoring solution that collects detailed data from OpenShift, monitors the application services and infrastructure, and correlates all OpenShift components with all application components.

Register for our webinar as we show you how Instana helps you immediately understand and manage your application performance on OpenShift:

  • Accelerate your build cycles and operate with higher quality
  • Continuously automate discovery of all services and infrastructure
  • Immediately visualize your OpenShift infrastructure and application health

Combat the chaos, and reveal how EVERY part of your application ecosystems impacts each other. Register now to save your seat!