Multidimensional Prometheus Metrics 

Metrics are an important tools for extracting real business value from your observability and monitoring practices. Prometheus is a de-facto industry standard for metrics.
In this session, we will discuss how to leverage multi-dimensional metrics in Prometheus to create informative dashboards and reports showing exactly the data that are relevant to you.
Join us and you’ll learn about:
* What are custom metrics?
* When are custom metrics useful or needed?
* How can metrics be ingested in Instana?
* How can custom metrics be leveraged to inform alerting?

Hosts of this Webinar

Josh Lee

Developer Advocate @Instana

Josh Lee is a developer advocate with Instana @ IBM. He is a full-stack developer with a history of working on SaaS, e-Commerce, and content marketing projects.

Edwin Onattu

Product Manager @Instana

Product Manager working on Infrastructure, Metrics, and OpenTelemetry at Instana.

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