OpenTelemetry & Instana: What’s new and what’s next

Instana is all-in on OpenTelemetry. Join us for a look at the current state of the OpenTelemetry ecosystem and the future of using OpenTelemetry together with Instana to close all of your organization’s observability gaps. In this session, you will learn the following:
* 3 different strategies for using OpenTelemetry signals with Instana
* When and why you should use OpenTelemetry instrumentation
* When to use the OTel Collector in your observability pipeline
* What’s coming next for OpenTelemetry and Instana

Hosts of this Webinar

Josh Lee

Developer Advocate @Instana

Josh Lee is a developer advocate with Instana @ IBM. He is a full-stack developer with a history of working on SaaS, e-Commerce, and content marketing projects.

Petr Stýblo

AIOps Presales Engineer @IBM

Petr works as an IBM AIOps presales engineer. He has a track record in network operations management and application performance monitoring dating as far back as Micromuse/Netcool. His interests and expertise include cloud-native technologies, containers, and Kubernetes. An avid open-source user and contributor.

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