Optimizing AWS Compute with Instana

See how Instana can now be used to provide utilization metrics
for Amazon EC2 memory, allowing AWS Compute Optimizer to identify
additional savings opportunities and more performance-aware
recommendations. Using data from Instana, Compute Optimizer will provide
rightsizing recommendations that size memory capacity in addition to CPU,
disk, network, IO, and throughput, unlocking additional savings and
performance awareness. Join us for this webcast to learn how Instana uses
AWS compute optimizer internally to migrate to a more cost-effective EKS
cluster. And get your questions answered by Instana experts.

Hosts of this Webinar

Josh Lee

Developer Advocate @Instana

Josh is obsessed with DevOps, observability, and cloud architecture. He’s currently a Developer Advocate at IBM Instana. He has over a decade of experience working on small teams to build SaaS and eCommerce solutions for organizations ranging from startups to multinational brands.

Hunter Madison