Join the conversation with Priya Satheesh and Oliver Thylmann as they discuss how making the road to Cloud Native success can be quick and painless with Instana and Giant Swarm.
Listen to the conversation with Priya Satheesh and Deepak Goel as they discussed becoming more agile and going through a digital transformation journey.
In just half an hour, you’ll learn how Instana can make sense of your chaotic cloud-native environments, uncover anomalies in the performance of your applications before they can affect your customers - with the context to fix it.
"Serverless" runtimes have the potential to enable some staggering cost savings and offer a very streamlined developer experience. Learn how with AWS Lambda and Instana you can dream up a new application, have it running and meet all of the "extra" organizational requirements. 
Learn the six critical concepts of monitoring and management that are critical to any solution’s ability to provide continuous value to teams responsible for operating modern applications from this session.
Learn about key differences between (simple) monitoring and (enterprise) observability and dive deeper into observability insights. You'll hear about the three pillars of Observability – Health / Performance Metrics, (Distributed) Traces, and Logs, and will also have a hands-on perspective of the data automatically captured into the Instana platform.
Catch this presentation to learn how Developers and Ops teams can leverage Observability to become more efficient and focus more on innovation.

Play with Instana’s APM Observability sandbox

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