Precision Observability for Mainframe z/OS Systems

In this webinar you’ll learn about Instana observability strengths and how Instana on z/OS brings best-in class observability for hybrid cloud environments from mobile through  to mainframe.

Tom will discuss the key  Instana capabilities including the dynamic graph, context guide, and application dependency maps for every application. This allows you to see issues as they occur and rapidly determine the root cause within seconds. Instana on z/OS adds mainframe metrics from CICS, IMS, DB2 and IBM middleware to follow transactions and view performance from start to finish..

Next, Tom will discuss the intelligent action capabilities. Which include smart alerts, machine learning, actionable information, correlated alerting, Incident reporting, guided troubleshooting, and automated preventive issue remediation. 

Finally, watch Instana in action during a demo connecting all the knowledge one learned during this webinar.  

After watching this webinar one will learn: 

  • Mainframe remains critical to enterprises
  • Upside potential for the mainframe in hybrid cloud environments
  • Instana positioning for AI-Enhanced and AI-Driven Observability 

Hosts of this Webinar

Tom FIsher, of Instana

Product and Content Marketing Lead

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