Stan’s Deep Dive on Introduction to Instana Public APIs

Finding it a challenge to pinpoint the root cause of recurring or persistent performance problems in your applications?  Does it take you too long to troubleshoot incidents in complex, distributed environments?   

IBM Observability by Instana APM helps you monitor all your applications irrespective of where they reside.  Instana captures and combines – in real-time – all the relevant metrics, configs, logs and traces of every call to help you with your daily monitoring tasks.  Yet it also goes way beyond that.  IBM Observability by Instana APM also provides a rich set of public APIs, allowing you access to all that data, so you can customize and automate your monitoring needs. 

Join Farhad Ferdowsian to get a better understanding of: 

  • What are APIs and why are they important 
  • How to effectively use Instana public APIs 
  • Real-life examples of using Instana public APIs to automate and simplify your processes 

Hosts of this Webinar

Farhad Ferdowsian of Instana

Technical Account Manager

Farhad Ferdowsian is avid technologist and part of Instana's Technical Account Management team. With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry spanning Support, Development, Architecture and Sales, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge within the realm of Enterprise Application design, implementation, and management. Specializing in Application integration, he also has a deep understanding of internet related application design with a strong reliance on SOA and APIs.

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