Stop Worrying on Serverless and Learn to Love Pipeline Feedback

AWS Lambda is one of the defining technologies of the cloud-native shift in software development of the last few years. AWS Lambda empowers developers to quickly push code and immediately change the behavior of their applications. With that change, problems often come that need to be detected and solved just as quickly.

Instana is the premier observability tool for cloud-native applications and has best-in-class AWS Lambda support. With Instana, detecting issues creeping into your Lambdas with new deployments happens in real-time with virtually no setup.

Join Thorsten Hoeger, CEO at Taimos and Michele Mancioppi, Product Manager at Instana for a fireside Chat. They will:

  • Live code Lambda functions
  • Deploy on AWS with an automated AWS CodePipeline
  • Seamlessly integrate Instana’s Pipeline Feedback in AWS CodeBuild
  • Break Lambda functions in many interesting ways…
  • … and show you how Instana Smart Alerts you in real time of the problems

Hosts of this Webinar

Michele Mancioppi

Sr. Technical Product Mgr at Instana

Michele serves as Senior Technical Product Manager for Instana where he leads all product development related to agent, distributed tracing, Cloud Foundry and VMware Tanzu. Prior to Instana, he was a Development Expert and the Tech lead of the SAP Cloud Platform Performance team at SAP. Michele holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer science from Università di Trento and a PhD in Information Systems from Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Thorsten Höger

 CEO at Taimos

Thorsten is CEO and principal cloud consultant at Taimos, where he is advising customers on how to use AWS. Being a developer, he focuses on improving development processes and automating everything to build efficient deployment pipelines for customers of all sizes. He organizes the AWS User Group in Stuttgart and frequently speaks at Meetups, BarCamps, and other community events. In 2017 he was appointed AWS Community Hero.

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