TAM Talks: Instana’s New SmartAlerts

Generating performance and error alerts for websites has historically never been an intuitive process. What do we alert on? How do we define the KPIs that we care about? Are we setting thresholds too high or too low? What are the best practice alerts? These are all questions that are often mired in ever-growing amounts of confusion and ambiguity. At Instana, we decided to create a revolutionary new approach and make alert configuration intuitive and intelligent with something we call – SmartAlerts™.

Instana’s new SmartAlerts introduces the ability to utilize pre-configured alerting template configurations using relevant KPIs and automatic threshold detection for use cases like website slowness or website errors. Combined with the power of Unbounded Analytics – SmartAlerts is the first alerting mechanism that automatically generates alerts based on use-cases designed for the environment at hand.

End the guessing game
The experience of creating and managing alerts has historically been an abysmal experience relegated to a grizzled cadre of ops engineers who most people have been afraid to speak with. If you’ve ever felt like setting up alerts for your applications has been a slightly less exciting version of whack-a-mole then hold onto your butts, because we have redefined the process by which engineers decide why they’re startled out of bed at 2 am. With our new Blueprints, configuring meaningful alerts has been distilled into three distinct, easy to use, steps.

Hosts of this Webinar

Rosie Applebaum, of Instana

Technical Account Manager

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