The OpenTelemetry Hero’s Journey: Correlating Application & Infrastructure Context

Having correlated metrics, traces, and logs from our services and infrastructure is a vital component of observability. We will discuss what’s possible with OpenTelemetry and where the gaps are with today’s open source tools.

Hosts of this Webinar

Edwin Onattu of Instana

Product Manager

Product Manager working on Infrastructure, Metrics and OpenTelemetry at Instana.

Henning Treu of Instana

Product Manager

Henning has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry and in software development. His roles migrated from software development & IT consulting, Product Owner and Open Source Maintainer to now Product Management. Along the way he observed and worked in various team organizations. From micro-managed waterfall teams to self-organizing full stack agile teams, his struggle and main insight was and always is: focus. As a Product Manager at Instana he now focuses on problem statements and innovation for his product area.

Josh Lee of Instana

Developer Advocate

He is a full-stack developer with a history working on SaaS, e-Commerce and content marketing projects.