Version EVERYTHING: the Journey of Altissia into GitOps

In this fireside chat, Gregory Schiano, CTO of Altissia and Michele Mancioppi, Technical Product Manager at Instana, discuss how Altissia applies GitOps to the entire development process. Learn how Altissia leverages Git to manage their CI/CD, infrastructure deployment, application deployment, release management and APM configuration management. And why they automate as much as possible along the way. In this chat, you will: 

  • Dive into real-life, straight to production GitOps with live demos
  • Learn how Altissia treats infrastructure and configuration the same as code
  • Listen to anecdotes on important lessons learned
  • Enjoy a geeky joke or two 

Don’t miss this fun and informative discussion on all things GitOps.


Hosts of this Webinar

Michele Mancioppi

Senior Technical Product Manager at Instana

Michele serves as Senior Technical Product Manager for Instana where he leads all product development related to agent, distributed tracing, Cloud Foundry and VMware Tanzu. Prior to Instana, he was a Development Expert and the Tech lead of the SAP Cloud Platform Performance team at SAP. Michele holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer science from Università di Trento and a PhD in Information Systems from Tilburg University, the Netherlands.
Webinar Host

Gregory Schiano

CTO at Altissia

Gregory is passionate about technological innovations and the DevOps philosophy. Gregory has worked with Java / PHP developers and Infra / Ops engineers for 13 years and enjoy pushing these teams to work hand in hand. Gregory is now CTO at Altissia which provides online language courses in 24 languages around the world. Previously Gregory was an ICT & Technical Manager at 3E, a company developing a Photovoltaics and Wind monitoring solution in SaaS.

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